Radical Women's Conference - SPARK, a Revival of Fire Starters


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Event Name: 2023 SPARK Women's Conference - March 16-18,2023

We are reigniting passion, purpose, and pursuit in the things of God with the 2023 Radical Revolution Women's Conference, SPARK, a Revival of Fire Starters.

We'll be in College Park on Thursday, March 16th through Saturday, March 18th, ready to spark women who've been dormant. We're going to light a fire so that every woman can go out and be everything she's been called to be!

SPARK will bring back elements you remember from past Radical Revolution Women's Conferences. The anointed women of God joining the lineup include Taffi Dollar, Dr. Octavia Roberts, Andrea Crayton, and Wanta Ezell. The experience will also include anointed musical guests and fireside chats, and the whole celebration will end with SPARK Fest, a gathering of food trucks and vendors.

"Never let the fire in your heart go out. Keep it alive. Serve the Lord!" (Romans 12:11, NIRV)

Date(s) / Time(s)
March 16 - 7 PM Session
March 17 - 7 PM Session
March 18 - 10 AM Session

Event Price: $29